e-cigarette batteries

The Atomizer (cartridge that holds the liquid)

The E-Cig Atomizer holds the e-liquid that you vape.

1. Unscrew the lid and look inside the cartridge. You will see a white plastic piece in the center. You DO NOT want to fill that piece.

2. Take the needle bottle with your e-liquid in it and place the needle on the outer side of the white plastic piece, against the inside wall of the cartridge. You will see the needle inside the cartridge. Squeeze the liquid into the cartridge and fill to the bottom of the white plastic piece.

3. Screw the lid back onto the atomizer and attach the atomizer to the battery.

It's that simple.

e cigarette

Before charging your battery, make sure the battery charging element is clean (see picture). Use a dry paper towel or other sort of soft rag to clean out any juice that may have gotten into it.