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Tired of waiting weeks for your E-Cigs and Electronic Cigarette accessories?

E-Cig Mania is the first reasonably-priced Electronic Cigarette retailer near Chesterfield. We carry the EGO battery series Electronic Cigarette, compatible with all EGO accessories and CE4 batteries. We carry e-liquid, atomizers, cartomizers e-cig USB chargers and other accessories. No waiting for your online order from China. We ship to any state in the United States.

E-Cig Mania continues to add products to our inventory. Check back periodically to see what's new in stock.

Electronic cigarettes are now the number smoke-free quit-smoking alternative. Currently there are 3 million people in the United States alone who have been using e-cigarettes to subsidize or quit smoking.It is estimated that electronic cigarettes will outsell tobacco cigarettes in the next ten years! Electronic Cigarettes are tar-free, tobacco-free, and free of carcinogens and second-hand smoke. They have no deadly additives. AND. ...Electronic Cigarettes are much cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes!


Many smokers try to quit for the obvious health reasons and the cost savings of not lighting up. Most smokers agree that what they dislike almost as much as the high cost and health implications is the odor. “Smoker’s odor” gets in their clothing and their hair, and it’s probably the biggest complaint that nonsmokers have while in the presence of a smoker. Electronic cigarettes have combated that problem with their odorless vapor.