The RUNE STARTER KIT now in stock!

    BETTER FLAVOR: Flavors have been field tested in traditional vape markets where consumer expectation is high.

    LONGER BATTERY LIFE: The 400mAh battery is among the largest in its class,

    providing long life with even aggressive use.

    SIMPLE CHARGING: The built in USB plug works on any USB outlet, allowing for charging at home and on-the-go without cables or adapters.

    LARGER CAPACITY: The 1.5ml Rune PodTM is twice the capacity of the leading competitor, allowing consumers to go longer between refills.

    BEST IN CLASS VOLUME PRICING SCHEME: Included 10ml bottle is 2.5x the amount of eliquid provided in a refill pack by the leading competitor. The 30ml bottles are 10x the amount.

    VAPOR PRODUCTION: The RuneTM uses a 1.8ohm resistance coil to produces a satisfying amount of flavor with a minimal amount of vapor, perfect for the modern vapor.

    SAFETY: No buttons to press means no auto-firing in consumer pockets. The auto-draw system with a 1.8ohm resistance heating filament and safety designs makes RuneTM among the safest devices in all of vaping.


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