Electronic cigarette e-liquid (also known as E-liquid or E-Juice) is the solution inside your e-cigarette cartridge or cartomizer which contains the flavor and nicotine (or in some cases, no nicotine). E-liquid is easy to use and it is highly recommended that consumers use e-juice over e-cig cartridges, as e-juice will give you the utmost vaping experience, it is affordable and you will always know how much liquid you have left to vape.

Less Chemicals – There are less harmful chemicals and toxins in electronic cigarettes than traditional tobacco.

Cost Friendly – Electronic cigarettes are far less expensive than traditional tobacco.

Variety of Flavors – There are tons of flavor options available when it comes to refill cartridges for E-Cigs. Flavors to suit everyone’s taste can be found. Traditional tobacco flavors are offered with most brands as well as more exotic flavors such as cherry, vanilla, or coffee.

Wide Selection of Nicotine Strengths – Many brands offer tons of options when it comes to nicotine strengths. Choose what tickles your fancy and enjoy the strength you want.

High Smoke VolumeElectronic cigarettes last longer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some brands have an atomizer in each refill cartridge to offer the strongest smoke volume and flavor.

Goodbye Tobacco Stink – Tobacco users stink. That is all there is to it. With electronic cigarettes there is not any offensive odor.

e cigarette carrying case

Our carrying cases hold two batteries, and have several pockets for atomizers, clearomizers, e-juice bottles and even your charger.